Boat skipper “B”

Boat skipper “B”

Boat skipper “B”

Become a Captain in a day!

After you completed course and with the received license you can operate any kind of boat up to 30BT. Would you love sailing on the open sea? Maybe riding a Jet-ski? Or exploring the islands near by the coast on a motor yacht? If the answer is yes, you will need the Boat Skipper “B” course and the following examination. We can help you get that.

The BB Yacht Charter has the solution, which is the Boat Skipper “B” course and examination. With that, you can operate all types of watercrafts like Jet-skis, motor yachts and sailing or even fishing boats.

Are you tired of sitting around during your vacation on the coast? You can’t take your eyes off the boats in the dock? Have you ever thought about how could it be going on a whole week trip on the sea? If you could sail around any of the beautiful Adriatic Sea’s 100’s of islands ? Just dropping your anchor anywhere you’d like , maybe in a harbour where’s no one but you? You could just swim and do some scuba diving cause the water is so clear you can see the bottom anywhere where the water is shallow! You could explore some places what you only dreamt of, although…

….with a little effort and the right contacts without any regrets, you, the family and your friends can afford it too!

The real deal and the best experience if you and you only can operate the boat! This way is really up to you where you going to steer and end up! Have you thought about it?

No worries…we got a solution for you! Get it only within a Day the “B” category license!!!

BOAT SKIPPER “B” – Marine License

Our company is organizing courses 15 years ago, and no one have left with a bad taste in their mouth!

It is really important that you aware of, that this license is an international license and it is accepted in every country and for every sea ! It’s never going to expire, you’ll receive it for life! With the coarse we provide, you cannot fail on the test! The examination itself it’s held in Split, Croatia. The previous course is in Split as well in a Yacht Academy.

What you need to know :

Every person who’s at least 16 years old is qualified to exams. It only contains one theory test, there is no practice exam. You can do this on the following languages: English, German, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Slovakian or Czech. Even if you don’t speak any of these languages, don’t be scared. No one really fails on these courses, the only way to fail if inside in your head your brain is completely missing and it has been replaced with a sponge. (So if you’re Sponge Bob we’re sorry.) If you can’t speak any of these languages fluently, don’t worry, you will have to learn a dozen of phrases, and you can also use your hands and feet during the exam and the one day course is going to be more than enough. It sounds unbelievable ? But it’s true, in the last 15 years we had hundreds of successful candidates, with the possibility of 99.9% that you’re going to pass.

The Training’s Curriculum includes the following:

  • diversion rules
  • navigation
  • law of the sea, international rules
  • meteorology, the weather of the Adriatic sea
  • safety
  • communication on the sea


1. The course and the exam costs 450 EUR
2. Other Fees

Accommodation fee : about 35- 45 EUR/day/person

Anticipated costs :

  • Food
  • Travel expenses

Can everybody learn how to operate a boat just within a day?

The answer is no, naturally. In this examination system “thank god” they don’t require any kind of practice experience. This is the first reason why this exam is so easy and you cannot fail. Although within a day, you’ll learn all the most important rules and regulations what you need to know!

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