Yacht Master boat license

Yacht Master boat license

Yacht Master boat license

For those, who would like to drive bigger boats, and they have a boat license for at least 3 years, we are organizing the tipe A course and the following examination


The course will provide for you:

  • International license
  • Sailing boats and motor yachts
  • Up to 100 GT

After successfuly completing the course, the trainees will be competent to handle and command a yacht from 30 GT up to 100 GT regardless of purpose and navigation area.

Location: Croatia, Split

Time: From january every month

Price: 1850€
The price contains the 5 day  theoretical education, the price of the medical examination, the translation of the certificates, authentication and the examination fee. Additional fee will be the transport and the accomodation fee but we help you arrange that.

Prerequisite :

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Identification card or passport
  • 2 passport size colored photographs
  • Medical exam issued by Occupational health practice in Republic of Croatia, not older than 6 months
  • 3 years of experience
  • Minimum secondary education (We are going to have to ask you a copy of your educational attainment, because we have to translate that to croatian language.)

The course includes:

  • Maritime english
  • Navigation
  • Navigation maps
  • Electronic navigation
  • Course planning
  • Tide
  • Compass
  • Radar
  • ARPA radar
  • Satelite navigation
  • Pontoon bridge
  • GPS, Glonass
  • Watch keeping
  • Emergency life saving equipmnent and techniques
  • Surviving on the sea
  • Help on the water( SAR, IAMSAR )
  • Boat maneuverings handeling the boat
  • Handeling Outside ( nature ) effects
  • Special maneuvers
  • International nautical rules
  • CBT Computer Based Training ( simulator )
  • Maritime instruments
  • Stability of the ships
  • GMDSS maritime communication
  • Ship engineering
  • Havaria collision avoidance
  • Meteorology- oceonagraphy
  • Main parts
  • Maritime law
  • Port authorites, rules
  • Law on a boat
  • Insurance

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