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Our family is lover of Adria’s waters since more generations. Already our great-grandfather served on the St. Stephen battleship on the waters of a Croatian sea during the first world war and this preserving – from time immemorial – male members of the family are with committed love for the sea, the shipping and the Dalmatian mentality. Our croatian hungarian grandfather – as fishing master on Baranya-Drávaszög area – acquainted us with the love of the water and the croatian gastronomy. Contiuning these traditions our father insisted obsessively for the country even on the time of the southern Slav war and he based our family’s tourism activity in one of Dalmatia’s pearls, in Trogir city. We have been learning from him the trade of the sailing, the facultative programs, the tourism and the hospitality since our childhood, in which we got richer with big experience and numberless human contacts, with the help of both the local people and the tourists, who travelled to us. The fragrance of the salty water and the aroma of dalmatian flavours led us back always to the croatian waters, so we decided, that providing a frame to this we establish the BB Yacht Charter and Academy. To the organisation’s activities belong the chartereising, the letting of ships, the teaching in the acquisition of ship leader permits and practical training, which we try to make committed on a tall standard in terms of the above.


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