Charter management

Charter Management

By the Charter Management Program You can be owner of a hardly used or a brand-new sailing boat, catamaran and meanwhile You earn also money with the investment.

The Charter Management Program recommended by us is a flexible, to a partner’s claims conforming project, which is based on a real, profitable and since the long row of years well-tried business modell, and meanwhile the purpose is the achievement of the maximum profit. We aren’t thinking in an invisible, elusive investment, but in such as that, in which the investment is with hand palpable, moreover You and your family may enjoy the wonderful experiences given by device.

The charter firm takes over within the confines of the Charter Management Program all activities related to the boat: service, the charging of the rental weeks of the ship with guests, all administrative obligations, the difficulties of the winter maintenance, the annoying torments of the potential reparation.

All this so, that within the confines of the program You can use freely Your boat, also for Your own aims. You have to get ready for the buying of a boat with thorough deliberation. It is necessary to know, what is more important: the sailing properties or the comfort. It is decided, how large should be the boat, what its equipment should be like, where we shall keep it than, etc.

Beside all these at least important question like this, where buy You the boat, and who will be the partner in the maintenance of the boat and in the questions of its rental.

A few percentile discount, which is available with the buying of the boat, proves to be afterward little, if disturbances will be in cooperation with mentioned partner with the passing of the years. Because it is especially important, who You give confidence in this question.

Let You turn to us for detailed informations with confidence.


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